Be KYC compliant with Silt Be KYC compliant with Silt

Automate your entire onboarding process for business clients (KYB).

Let Silt be in charge of collecting and verifying the information and documents for the registration of your business clients. Be KYB compliant and prevent fraud, all in one place.

We pass our OCR to ID Documents, driving licenses & passports to extract verified data
We pass our OCR to ID Documents, driving licenses & passports to extract verified data
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Stop wasting time requiring and checking documentation

Communicating with your clients to upload the correct and valid information and documentation takes up a lot of your team's time that could be invested in what really matters.

Save 90% of your time

Automate everything, from document collection to verification of representatives of your corporate clients. Eliminate the need for dedicated verification teams. Simplify with Silt and save time for your employees. Get more results in less time.

Grow your business

Automate the data collection process. Handle a higher volume of KYB verifications without the need to proportionally increase human resources.

Reduce fraud and fines

Strong verification curbs fraud risks and protects businesses. Follow legal requirements, regulations and regulatory compliance to avoid regulatory penalties and fines.

Simplify analysis: All in one

Manage the entire onboarding process from one place. Our dashboard contains the verifications of people of interest of the company as well as all their relevant information and official documents.


Collection & Verification
How we automate your customer onboarding process

Verify companies and their people of interest quickly and safely. Without wasting time communicating with the client, or reviewing and verifying the information they have uploaded. Help your clients become clients without investing time.

Custom requirements

Automatic collection

Automatic verification (KYB/KYC)

Complex Document Processor

Company database

  • 1

    Company Government Information

  • 2

    Legal representative verification

  • 3

    UBO discovery

  • 4

    UBO verification

  • 5

    Company legal documents

Customize the requirements of your business verification flow.

Tailor the depth of verification to the exact needs of your business. We begin with government database searches and representatives verification, uncovering crucial information on shareholders and beneficial owners to achieve full transparency and compliance in all your business transactions. You have complete control to customize the documents required by your clients.

Start verifying companies automatically now

Create an account now and start verifying your clients today without needing to integrate.

  • 90% time savings
  • KYB, KYC & AML Compliance
  • Automate customer communication
  • Automate information gathering
  • Automate information verification
  • Automatic extraction of legal documents (constitution, capital increase)
Plug & Play integration

Integrate in less than a day with your backend or your favorite CRM


Start without coding thanks to our link integration

Share the link with your users and start verifying them without typing code.


Easily get integrated with our SDK to convert the maximum of your users

Add the code of our SDK to your app to offer an integrated experience with no effort.