Verify more good users with truly frictionless KYC

Fix the leak in conversion rates concerning customer's onboarding (KYC / KYB). Automate your onboarding, reduce costs and register customers even without asking for ID photos.

We pass our OCR to ID Documents, driving licenses & passports to extract verified data
Silt seals and preserves users privacy by centralizing their data
What you get

Get more users while you block fraud

Reduce your CAC by up to 30%

Stop asking for document pictures and verify more users without spending more in acquisition.

Users using your service sooner

They will use your service when they need it, which means you will get more money and sooner.

Reduce operational and marketing costs

Less verification issues will decrease operational and support teams costs and marketing/remarketing expenses.

We pass our OCR to ID Documents, driving licenses & passports to extract verified data

Verify users and scan their docs without asking for photos

Silt users will only need to get verified and upload their IDs once. After that, they will be able to reuse their verified digital ID to instantly use any app integrated with Silt by just granting permissions.

Other unique benefits

Have all your user's docs updated without effort

You can't serve users with expired documents, that's why we daily search for nearly to expire documents in our user base and notify users to help them update them. Thanks to Silt, they will only need to update their documents once at Silt, and all our customers will have always their users verified under the law.

We anticipate fraud attempts like no one does

When a user commits fraud in our network, we notify all our customers about the delinquency of that user. We work similar to the public AML lists, like the CIA, FBI, Europol (that we also integrate) but in a much more efficient way, being faster, more localized and notifying you any type of misconduct.

Verification technology

How we verify your customers in seconds

Our proprietary IDaaS technology verifies your users identity under 10 seconds with reliability, thanks to our AI model trained with thousands of ID documents. Use it for sign-ups and biometrical logins.

Face Recognition

Liveness checks

Document scan

ID Authenticity

Biometric Login

Be KYC compliant with Silt
Be KYC compliant with Silt

We help users send better pictures on real time

Our Image Quality Technology helps users take quality photos (defined, without glare, without masks, with the expected document side...). This way, we automatically verify more than 90% of our users in less than 10s.

All of this results in:

  • More users
  • Faster sign-ups
  • Fewer rejections
  • Higher Customer satisfaction
  • Fewer costs

Plug & Play integration

No time from tech team? Integrate Silt without code.


Share the link with your users and start verifying them without typing code.


Add the code of our SDK to your app to offer an integrated experience with no effort.


Complete integration that provides you full control of all the user experience.

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Silt verifies identity documents from all countries

We currently cover automatic verification, KYC, PEP & AML for over 200 countries. The rest we handle it manually and train our model to accept new countries.

With Silt your conversion rates will increase while your costs will decrease.
Use cases

Silt deals with your fraud and KYC, AML, PEP & GDPR compliance

Find out more about how Silt could help you reduce fraud & chargebacks or be KYC, AML & PEP compliant, increase your conversion rates, mass contracts... no matter what industry.


Sharing economy

P2P marketplaces

Online games

Quick mass contracts

Customization of the verification flow

With this interactive demo you can see how Silt can adapt to different formats to make the experience of your user as smooth as possible when verifying.

Try using your brand colors by dragging the bar and choose the font that you like best to get and idea of the final product.