Be KYC compliant with Silt Be KYC compliant with Silt

Scale your business.
Onboard more customers while saving time and money

Acquire more customers, faster and saving time and money. Automate your customer onboarding with our AI and fix the leak in conversion rates with our KYC and KYB registration process.

Fast, secure & affordable customer verification

Get more users while you block fraud

Our IDaaS technology verifies the identity of your users in less than 5 seconds. Reduce friction to avoid asking for document photos every time.

Convert more users and reduce friction

Register more users without investing more resources thanks to Silt's unique user experience, even without asking for document photos.

Your onboarding faster than ever

Your users will be able to use your service when they need it, which will mean a faster billing increase, thanks to the verification in less than 5 seconds.

Reduce operational and marketing costs

Less verification issues will decrease operational and support teams costs and marketing/remarketing expenses.

Reduce fraud

Gain security and avoid fraud with all the solutions we provide, such as phone verification, internal and external misconduct lists, and customizable rules.

Verification technology

How we verify your customers in seconds

Our proprietary IDaaS technology verifies your users identity under 5 seconds with reliability, thanks to our AI model trained with thousands of ID documents. Use it for sign-ups and biometrical logins.

We pass our OCR to ID Documents, driving licenses & passports to extract verified data

Verify users and scan their docs without asking for photos

Silt users will only need to be verified and have their ID photos taken once. They can then reuse their verified digital identity to use any app integrated with Silt just by giving them permissions.

Know more about KYC

Plug & Play integration

Integrate in less than a day with your backend or your favorite CRM


Start without coding thanks to our link integration

Share the link with your users and start verifying them without typing code.


Easily get integrated with our SDK to convert the maximum of your users

Add the code of our SDK to your app to offer an integrated experience with no effort.

Use cases

Find out how we take care of fraud, KYC, AML, PEP & GDPR compliance for you in your specific industry

Fintech, crypto and neobanks


Marketplaces P2P

Online gambling

Massive hires and delivery

Register more users, avoid fraud and comply with regulations

Easily and quickly sign up good users and block fraudulent ones while staying compliant. Improve the user experience and save time and money in incident support, marketing and fraud control.