Forget about uploading your ID to every app you download

Secure your ID's in one place, manage who has access to it, and use apps without uploading your id every time.

Verify that all users pass PEP & AML checks
Your Digital ID

Signups and getting ID verified won't be a pain anymore

Create signup forms without typing a line of code

Take control of your data

Stop sending your personal data to all companies. Only grant permission to access, not data itself. You can also check who has access to it and when was the last time they checked it. We protect all of it, you decide who can access it.

Be legal compliant with Europe regulations

No more taking ID pictures

Signup to the apps that require ID verification without the struggle of taking the photos and waiting to get verified. Just give them access and start using the app right away.

Forget about handling fraud

Your IDs Secure

Your IDs are not exposed to internet, they are only accessible throughout the server that holds it. This means that only you and who you chose will have access to it.

KYC for Business

Do you need to verify your users?

If you are a business and you are looking to get the best KYC conversion rate, check out our business section.